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The insight of a beauty professional with over 27 years of experience is the resource that helps cosmetologists at our online school learn how to become successful in their field.

Master Stylist, Educator, and author, Tess Tims is the founder and creator of Tess Tims Institute; Tessie Tims is a beauty professional with over 27 years of experience and a deep-rooted passion for cosmetology. Tess’ major work in the industry has been regarding her hair extension and hair restoration business, which helped improve the lives of thousands of women. Furthermore, Tess invested a decade of her time and attention as a cosmetology instructor – this work made Tess all the more passionate about helping other cosmetologists, and thus she initiated Tess Tims Institute, a platform that would collectively help thousands of aspiring cosmetologists become the best in their field.

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you with success.

Empowering You With Success

At Tess Tims Institute, we operate with the mission to empower all the cosmetologists who come our way with entrepreneurial success.

Salon owners, hair stylists, makeup artists and all other beauty professionals are provided the right tools, resources, and knowledge that can help them attract more customers and retain them by providing them the best cosmetology services. By helping you improve your talent in the field, we are empowering you with success.

Regardless of which course you opt for, you can enjoy success within 30 to 90 days, because all our courses are optimized to provide the most relevant of information and training in the least amount of time. When you learn with Tess Tims Institute, you grow as a cosmetologist.

That’s a promise.