7 Strategies To Earn What You Normally Make In One Week In Just One Day

Increasing your revenue as a hair stylist is no easy task, right? Most stylists don’t know just how easy it actually is!

You already offer amazing services to your clients…why not earn more in the process?

I teach hair stylists how to earn more without working harder.

Here are the top 7 strategies to earn what you normally make in one week, in just one day!

Increase All Services by $20

This is probably the easiest strategy to implement right away.

If your regular price for a service is $90, set your new price to be $110. If you perform that service 5 times per day, at an extra $20 per service, that’s an extra $100 a day!

Multiple that by 5 days per week and you’ve just made an additional $500 that week, and by the end of the month you’ll have increased your revenue by $2,000! Not bad for simply increasing each service by $20.

Re-book Clients Before They Leave

When you make your clients lives easier, they feel happy. Happy clients are loyal clients!

An easy way to increase your revenue is to schedule clients for their next appointment before they leave the salon.

This holds the client accountable to you as well as themselves.

Not only does this make their life easier, but it fills your book as well!

Add a High Ticket Service To Your Offerings

Adding a high ticket service to your offerings give clients more options, and increases your revenue without having to work additional hours.

Add in Keratin treatments at $300 per service. Book four of these a week and you’ve made an extra $1200!

Add in Signature Sew-n Weave at $400 per service. Schedule 3 of these a week and you earn an extra $1200 per week!

Add in new hair restoration services at $1,700 per service. Do a couple of these per week and you’ve made an extra $3,400 per week!

Add in hair extension services at $1,200 per service. Book 2 of these a week and make an extra $9,600 per month!

Add in hair restoration service at $1700 per service and 1 hair extension service at $1200 for 1 day, equals $2900 for that day. Do this 2 days per week, that’s and extra $5800 per week.

Recommend Retail Products

Your clients rely on your expertise and advice. They’re looking to you for suggestions and recommendations on how to keep their hair looking beautiful.

Take note of problems with their hair and recommend retail products you sell to provide a solution! Obviously you’re going to recommend products that they need for their specific problem.

This can easily result in several hundred dollars in additional revenue for you every week.

Create Your Signature Hair Cut / Signature Hair Color

You’re as unique as each of your clients. You have specific training and experience that no other hair stylist has – so use it to your advantage!

Create a signature hair cut or hair colour – something that is interesting, beautiful, and as unique as your clients that you can call your own.

Do you love creating interesting geometric bobs? Do you have a specific method of mixing or applying colour that only you have the formula for such as Brunette, Mid-Level Blonde and High Level Blondes.? Offer to try your signature style or colour out on a few of your clients! Once their friends see how fabulous they look they’re going to be calling you to book in for your signature style or colour.

This results in an increase in clients and therefore more revenue.

Create a 5 Points Referral Program

Create a referral program that encourages your clients to refer their friends and family to you.

For each 5 referrals your client sends you, they get a free shampoo / blow dry or haircut. This means that clients are much more likely to open their mouths and tell people they need to go see you. The more new clients that come your way, the more you increase your revenue.

Once you have a referral program in place, tell ALL of your clients. If you have 10 clients that each refer 5 people to you, that’s 50 new clients! And what if THOSE 50 clients all sent you 5 referrals? You’d have 250 new clients!

With 250 new clients at an average ticket sale of $75, you could increase your revenue by $18,750!

Create a Conditioner Repair Formula Card

This is a 6 week treatment that will rebuild the cortex in the hair which rebuilds the strength, the shine and elasticity in the hair. The hair will have more luster, shine and bounce.

There are different companies that offer various treatment plans. You need to know which one(s) will work for your clients.

Example: Create a formula for clients who are suffering from hair loss, breakage, or shedding hair. (6 weeks treatments@$300 per client) 30 clients per month X $300 = $9000